Friday, 20 September 2013

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

As another Open Morning approaches at my school, I thought about how I am often asked by parents how they can help their children to develop their mathematic ability and prepare for entrance exams at 11+.

Apart from the obvious (doing some practice papers), I usually encourage them to play mathematical games with their children.

Games which encourage a systematic and logical approach can help with "brain training" and improve some of the thinking skills which are used in Mathematics.  Games also enable children to learn without realising they are learning and can eliminate the negative feelings that can develop around Mathematics.

I have previously mentioned various logic games such as Chocolate Fix and Rush Hour and spatial games such as Shape By Shape, Set or Acuity, but I've just found a new one:

I must admit to being attracted to it at first for my nine year old daughter, who is horse mad, but when I looked closely, it is another excellent logic game.

Take the appropriate symbols and then follow the logical instructions to place them in the correct positions:

I can imagine my daughter spending hours working out the solutions without realising she is brain training!

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