Friday, 29 June 2012

The Hidden Mathematics of Sport

Originally published as "How to Take a Penalty"  "Beating the Odds - The Hidden Mathematics of Sport" by Rob Eastaway & John Haig shows how mathematics has been interwoven with sport throughout history.

Learn why the famous Adidas Telstar football:

 isn't a ball at all (and why adidas weren't the inventors), why a golf ball has dimples and what constitues a forward pass in rugby.

In a highly readable book, Rob Eastaway introduces easy to follow mathematics of sport from the perspective of famous sporting incidents.  The reader is drawn in by tantalising comments which he then clearly explains using simple mathematical concepts.

Whether a sport fan or  not, you'll find "Beating the Odds - The Hidden Mathematics of Sport" an enjoyable distraction for the summer.  As long as you're not busy watching the Olympics!

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