Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Happy Puzzle Company

As a Maths Teacher I am often asked by parents if I know of any mathematical games that their children could play for fun to improve their mathematical ability.

I usually show them some of the selection I have bought for use at Puzzle Club at school which can all be purchased from The Happy Puzzle Company

My pupils love Rush Hour, Shape by Shape, Chocolate Fix, Set and Zeus on the Loose, whilst at home I have been playing my latest acquisition "Acuity" which improves spatial awareness:

Other shops sell similar games, but I like the Happy Puzzle Company because they explain the games, the purpose of the game and the age range it would be suitable for.  They also look for new games on the market, test them and then tell us their thoughts.  The customer service is excellent, there is always someone to talk to and they aim to please.

They also do Puzzle Days for schools so I have been mounting a campaign to hold one at my school.

So if you are looking for a new game to play in the holidays, look up the Happy Puzzle Company and puzzle away!

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Gavin Ucko said...

Hello Mrs M, this is Gavin Ucko, Managing Director at The Happy Puzzle Company. I wanted to thank you for giving our products such a super write-up - it's greatly appreciated. I have a question for you - are you able to email me your contact email address?

many thanks