Friday, 25 May 2012

Preparing for A Level

Now that you've finished your GCSE Maths, if you are considering taking A Level Mathematics it is a good idea to do some preparation over the summer.

Not only is it easy to forget your Mathematics over the summer break, A Level is much more algebraic than GCSE so you really need to hone those algebra skills to have a good foundation for September.

Also the link between algebra and graphs is a vital tool which needs to be used with ease when solving A level problems and geometry needs to performed without any difficulty.

Some of the skills you need are included in this new book:

Progress to Advanced Mathematics
by Mary Teresa Fyfe, Andrew Jobbings, Kitty Kilday and Mary Read.

Copies are available in the school library along with other books I have recommended in the past:

A few hours' practice over the summer can really pay dividends next term!

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