Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Big Idea

The exciting series of "Big Idea" books published by Arrow contains this little gem:

Pythagoras and his Theorem

by Paul Strathern

This short and very readable biography of one of the most famous mathematicians who ever lived begins with his birth, in approx 565 BC, on the island of Samos in the golden age of Ancient Greek culture.

Learn about Pythagoras' mathematical education during his travels to Egypt, Babylonia and Persia, his early career as polymath-in-residence at Polycrates court and his subsequent banishment leading to the creation of his school in Croton.

The book carefully guides the reader through the works of Pythagoras and his followers, putting the mathematical discoveries in a historical and cultural context, leaving you in no doubt about the impact this man had on mathematical proof, abstraction and deductive reasoning.

If you only thought of Pythagoras in terms of a right angled triangle, then think again, this book will show you so much more..............

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