Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Marcus makes a point

I was excited to see that Marcus du Sautoy is the author of this month's "Final Word" in "Report" (the magazine from the Association of Teachers and Lecturers).
True to form, Marcus talked about making maths more adventurous. Like me, he hates the utilitarian aproach to mathematics teaching. Not everything you learn in maths has to have a use; it is a beautiful, creative and inventive subject. As he says,

"Mathematics is full of exciting adventures. We teach kids the grammar and vocabulary of our subject and then forget to tell them the wonderful stories we can write with this language. "

I quite agree, Marcus!

Just ask my first years what they learned about coordinates this week and they'll tell you all about Descartes as a boy, lying in bed watching a fly on the ceiling.

Or my second years who learned about algebra by finding out that their favourite maths teacher (moi!) was a mind reader!
Mathematics is a great subject in its own right!

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