Thursday, 18 June 2009

Drawing in 3-D

Spatial awareness is an important part of Mathematics and if you can imagine 3-D objects or even draw them on 2-D paper, you can begin to solve a lot of real life problems. Calculating lengths and angles in 3-D shapes begins by being able to see where they are and how they are linked to other lines and angles. It's a skill some find easier than others, but you can improve with a few pointers.

So the first years have been building shapes from multilink and learning to draw them on isometric dotty paper, both real and virtual.
Click here to have a go at virtual 3-D drawing on isometric paper.

The trick is to keep vertical lines vertical, horizontal ones sloping back and keep the same dimensions parallel (ie all lengths are parallel, all widths are parallel). Then try colouring in all the faces that point the same way with the same colour. You should see your shape come alive!

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