Thursday, 7 May 2009

Last minute pointers for your GCSE exam

This is some last minute advice for my fifth years who are going on study leave to take their GCSEs:

A few general points to remember for your IGCSE Mathematics exams:
  • check your calculator is in degrees before you start the exam

  • write in black ink and HB pencil (remember your work is scanned)

  • write only in the box for each question (this is the only part that is scanned), if you need more space ask for extra paper, label the question carefully (extra sheets are scanned) and note in your main booklet that you have done the question on an extra sheet

  • don't use rounded answers in a calculation, use the memory on your calculator

  • use your calculator to check your answers to equations actually work!

  • if you give two different answers without crossing one out the examiner must mark the incorrect one (you are supposed to know which is the answer!)

  • if you give two methods for a question the examiner must mark the one that scores the fewest marks (a tricky one this - my advice is just show one method, if it is correct mathematically and gives the correct answer you will get all the marks)

  • at the end of each question check required units, sig fig, dp, surd form, etc

  • tracing paper and graph paper is available on request

  • If the question is a 'show that' question, DO NOT use the answer

Come and see me in school if you need help with anything or contact me via a message on the blog.

All the best with your exams and I hope to see you in my A level classes in September :-)

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